Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Colin McDowell

This afternoon we were given a lecture by Colin McDowell, A well known Fashion Historian. I have to say I enjoyed this lecture more than any others I can recall in my last two years at Leeds University! Along with his wit and charm came a great deal of knowledge of 20th Century Fashion, I wondered if there was anything or anyone within fashion this man did not know about! When asked who he thought we should be designing for throughout our careers he calmly answered 'Yourself'.

He also gave us hope that one day we might be able to get out of this rut in fashion we appear to be stuck in at the moment with our 'throw away fashion'. To hopefully see some real designers emerge and deliever some creative new designs!

Yarn Bombing

Today I found an artical about a new craze called 'Yarn Bombing' in the Telegraph. Confusion set in as I tried to work out what an earth was going on. It was thought to have started in the US but now the knitting public of Britain have also decided to brighten up our streets with this eye catching project otherwise known as knitted graffiti! Sleeves for things such as trees, posts and park benches are made and then attached at night! Who said knitting wasn't risky?!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Knit And Stitch Show 2009

This weekend I will be attending the Knit And Stitch show at Harrogate Internaional Centre.

Whilst looking over research on the show I came across these embroidered pieces by Lisa Connolly that made me fall in love with the idea of hand and machine stitch all over again!

Bradford textiles Competition

During the first year of my course we were asked to enter the Bradford Texiles Competion as part of our knit module. I threw myself into the project and designed A garment made from human hair. After creating many samples for this project I evetually put together my final design and was really pleased with the final outcome.