Monday, 25 October 2010

Johanna Basford

This is a designer I looked at a couple of years ago, starting this project I decided to go back and take another look. Within the last two years she has come a long way with her designs. Looking on her website I was amazed at the volume of her work and the amount of different commissions she has done recently.
She works predominately in black and white and in pen and ink. She has confessed that she is not a technical whizz when it comes to computer programs and using things such as vectors, and prefers working by hand. This is something I relate with completely as that is the area I am lacking confidence in at the moment. Although I think I am going to concentrate on getting to grips with the computers this week and try and progress further with my designs.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Motifs to A2 designs.

After I had developed a series of around 20 motifs, I then selected the ones I thought worked the best and put them into my A2 designs. These are the three images I think have the strongest impact and flow as a collection. I think my drawing style is coming along well and like the sense of space in the designs. I have repeated elements and tried not to overcrowd the design.

To progress further with these drawings I am going to try and reduce some of the motifs to try to make the designs more intricate and detailed.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

On repeat from the both of us.

Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller

A month or so ago I visited North Lincoln to visit my boyfriends family for a few days. Knowing my love for anything artistic he took me to a nearby gallery called 'The ropewalk'. As well as being a gallery it also has artists studios. The week I visited was a print exhibition and this was one of the artist that stuck in my brain.

Her designs are quite impulsive but then worked into with different media. I think this is the approach I should be taking with my work. So far I have gone from one design to the next, Throughout the next week I will go back to my work and see how I can develop these designs further.

Motif Development

These are my favourite drawings so far for my Design for textiles project. My drawing style has seemed to appear as if from nowhere...but I am enjoying it nonetheless. After today's good critiques from all tutors I am now confident with the path my work is going in. YIPEEEE!!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Found it.....

Interesting little website recommended to me today by none other than the sweet sweet Jonathan Dempster!

Kept me entertained for at least an hour!

Friday, 1 October 2010


So it's been a year....and time to return to the lovely world of Textiles. This week has certainly pushed me back into the swing of things straight away! The first design project of the year is mixed media, collecting research and getting on with drawing.

The project will be to design a motif in the the style of a certain era. I have chosen The Baroque as my inspiration.
I decided I will be using florals and butterflies within my drawings to arrange my motif.

After not really finding much around Headingley that caught my eye I decided to take a little trip to Tropical World in Roundhay. Accompanied by a very patient boyfriend and a camera. As soon as we parked we started snapping away. Before you have even entered Tropical World there are a large number of well kept gardens surrounding it. I took a number of pictures including dead and alive plants to try and develop a contrast between the two.

The first area you walk into is the butterfly house, and I already get over excited. After an hour or so of snapping away i'm ready to get home and start drawing...eeeeek!