Friday, 1 October 2010


So it's been a year....and time to return to the lovely world of Textiles. This week has certainly pushed me back into the swing of things straight away! The first design project of the year is mixed media, collecting research and getting on with drawing.

The project will be to design a motif in the the style of a certain era. I have chosen The Baroque as my inspiration.
I decided I will be using florals and butterflies within my drawings to arrange my motif.

After not really finding much around Headingley that caught my eye I decided to take a little trip to Tropical World in Roundhay. Accompanied by a very patient boyfriend and a camera. As soon as we parked we started snapping away. Before you have even entered Tropical World there are a large number of well kept gardens surrounding it. I took a number of pictures including dead and alive plants to try and develop a contrast between the two.

The first area you walk into is the butterfly house, and I already get over excited. After an hour or so of snapping away i'm ready to get home and start drawing...eeeeek!

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